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About Us

Network Consulting Services, Inc. started assisting customers in 1990 by setting up PCs and workstations.

As the need for Internet access and network connectivity grew, NCS was called more and more frequently to help small businesses make wise decisions about emerging technologies. 

As technology changed, businesses started becoming more dependent on their LAN, email and internet access.  NCS stayed focused on helping these small businesses affordably implement new technologies while educating them on these technologies

Today NCS works with customers throughout southeastern Wisconsin assisting them in all areas of networking; from premise wiring to accessing their Local Area Network and servers remotely via the Internet.

Our goal is to offer reasonable services at reasonable prices for reasonable people. This way we build win-win relationships with our clients and customers.






Network Consulting Services, Inc
Brookfield, WI 53005

Phone: 262-617-4632
Fax: 262-643-9950



We believe that it is important to be honest, trust-worthy and have our customers hold us in high integrity.

"The Holy Bible is my personal guide book and as I fall short of being perfect, I believe that I can be made perfect through Jesus Christ who died for us."  -Tom Phelps


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