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Power Management

Turn off your computer & monitor when away for long periods

Print only that which must be printed

Enable Power Save features on laser printers

Buy Energy Star compliant devices



What is Green Computing?
Simply said, Green Computing is the practice of efficiently using computer resources in an effort to conserve power and the protect our environment.



Prior to purchase
Before you purchase your next computer system, monitor, or other device Green Computing helps you to think about the purchase and consider both power usage during a product's life and disposal when end of a product's life comes.
bulletConsider only Energy Star compliant devices
bulletConsider less hardware (Virtualization)
bulletPurchase those items that are environment friendly and support those vendors who avoid filling landfills with not so friendly materials; i.e. if a package is shipped to you with biodegradable packing, continue purchasing from that vendor/supplier.  If a vendor/supplier sends you a package using plastic, styrofoam or other unfriendly materials, find a different vendor/supplier.


After purchase
After purchasing a computing device, wisely implement power saving practices.
bulletLaser Printers: use power save features and turn completely off when not in use for long periods
bulletCRT monitors: replace with Energy Star compliant flat panel monitors
bulletReplace PCs with Thin Client devices whenever possible
bulletEnable power saving features on PCs and monitors
bulletConsider upgrading your Power Supply units (PSUs) with newer 80% efficient direct replacements
bulletConsider power shutdown software for devices that can and should be automatically shut down


Product End of Life
After a product has been determined that its usefulness is exhausted the product must be disposed of in such a way that it does not significantly impact the environment in a negative way.  This can be thought of as Materials recycling or in our case "Computer Recycling".



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Energy Star

Definition: Energy Star is a United States government program created in 1992 by the US Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by power plants.


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