Power Management
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Power Management
Turn off your computer & monitor when away for long periods

Print only that which must be printed

Enable Power Save features on laser printers

Buy Energy Star compliant devices


Power Management
Why is it so important?  

Power Management extends the life of your equipment


Cuts down on energy consumption


Minimizes operating costs

NCS provides a Power Consumption Assessment service that will save you power and money.


bulletNCS will come over to your facility and measure your power consumption and log the information.


Recommended Energy Savings
Once the power measurement has been done, NCS can suggest power-saving techniques such as: which devices you can afford to leave on for extended periods of time, which ones have to be turned off when not in use (or need a power-saving feature), and which ones should be replaced. Other suggestions might be:


Server Virtualization (one server running multiple virtual machines)


Replacing CRT monitors with LCD monitors


Replace PCs with Thin Client devices whenever possible


Enable power saving features on PCs and monitors


Consider upgrading your Power Supply units (PSUs) with newer 80% efficient direct replacements


Consider power shutdown software for devices that can and should be automatically shut down


Purchase a power saving battery backup system such as the APC BE750G


See how you can save energy and money by using Wyse thin clients.


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Energy Star

Definition: Energy Star is a United States government program created in 1992 by the US Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by power plants.


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