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Power Management

Turn off your computer & monitor when away for long periods

Print only that which must be printed

Enable Power Save features on laser printers

Buy Energy Star compliant devices



Can't we just throw it away?
Unfortunately, no. Much of the electronic equipment now needs to be recycled to keep hazardous materials away from the environment. As a convenience to our customers, NCS can collect and recycle your decommissioned equipment for a small fee.


Recycling Prices
Office items / computer parts Price  
Computer cables, adapters, switches, KVMs, routers etc.


per container < 16 gal.
Disk drives and media


per container < 12 gal.
CPU - Desktop $7.00 per item
CPU - Full Tower $10.00 per item
CPU/ Server Per 1U $10.00 per item
Laptop/Notebook $5.00 per item
** Add $10.00 for items over 30 lbs     
Monitors 19" or Smaller $10.00 per item
Monitors Larger 21 or Larger" $15.00 per item
Flatbed Scanner $10.00 per item
Small Inkjet or Dot Matrix Printer $8.00 per item
Small Office Fax $8.00 per item
Small Laser Printer $15.00 per item
Large Laser Printer $20.00 per item
All in One Printers $20.00 per item
Full Size Office Copier $125.00 per item
For all recycling a transportation fee is applicable    
Milwaukee and Waukesha county pickup $10.00 minimum
Outside of Milwaukee and Waukesha county pickup $0.80 per mile
Note: Pickups are restricted to a 75 mile radius of Brookfield, WI.    



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Energy Star

Definition: Energy Star is a United States government program created in 1992 by the US Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by power plants.


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